Dear people

During the darkest days of the year, I invite you to let the Light into your heart. Yin energy (feminine
energy) acts as an antidote to dominant male energy that wants to keep control. (Oppression)

Yin energy is soft, caring and connecting, and also very much needed to restore the balance on
earth. Yang energy (masculine) has become the norm in our society, everything is focused on the
outside world, on performance, in extreme cases an excess of this energy can create dictators.
The connection with the inner self and the environment is lost.
Nevertheless, feminine power (strength) is coming up all over the world, it is time for change.
Even men are touched by Yin energy. They notice that old patterns no longer work and try to live
more from the heart, which feels much different than living only from the head. This way more
balance between Yin and Yang will be created.

Quan Yin and the Grandmothers have been my inspiration for this illustration, as well as the healing
Flower of Life (geometry of creation).  I have added some pigeons, crystals and lotus flowersto
emphasize a pure and peaceful feeling.

My husband Robert and I wish all of you harmony, love in your heart and a good health in
the coming year.

From my heart,





    The name ‘Monos’ is of Greek origin and not only means ‘alone’ but also ‘one’.
    I didn’t pick this name by chance.
    Painting is a very solitary activity, nevertheless I feel more connected with my Soul
    and Life while painting.
    I do not feel lonely because I am One.
    To me painting is healing, becoming whole.
    I am very grateful being able to create in freedom.
    Monique (coming from Monos wink)